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Welcome to The Torah Guide! We are so glad you’re here.

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Our mission

The Torah Guide exists to help people read the Hebrew Bible and discover Jesus.

Who we are

The Hebrew Bible, Old Testament, or Tanakh is at the heart of many cultural and religious backgrounds.

But there’s still a lot of mystery that surrounds how we should actually approach it

We are made up of Jewish and non-Jewish people who understand the Hebrew Bible as one story about God’s plan to rescue humanity through the promised Messiah. Jesus is that Messiah.

This one story consists of many books written by different authors over the course of a thousand years.

All this can make starting to read it feel daunting.

It does take effort to understand the different literary styles in the Hebrew Bible, but as you start digging in, you’ll begin to uncover its intentional design.

At the Torah Guide, instead of teaching from the perspective of a specific tradition or denomination, we’re dedicated to helping everyone understand and value what the Hebrew Bible teaches through videos, articles, lessons, and other resources because we know it’s a powerful story that leads to life.

You can start by watching our videos; the Torah Overview series is a great jumping-in point. Then, we have podcasts that dive deeper into the same concepts from the videos and are built for personal devotions or small group settings. To learn even more you can check out our articles. On the Resources page, you’ll find books we recommend for deeper study. If you have questions please feel free to reach out on the Connect page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

The Torah Guide’s Vision

Helping people discover how the Hebrew Bible points to Jesus is about more than just making interesting content. Here are 3 things we focus on by teaching the Hebrew Bible:


The Hebrew Bible’s message comes to its fulfillment in Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, and gift of the Spirit. So as we let the Hebrew Bible speak for itself we’re offering a respectful and thorough answer to the common question: “Why would a Jewish person want to believe in Jesus?”

A note on Evangelism: sharing the gospel with Jewish people has far too often been more about convincing, coercing and even forcing Jewish people to accept Jesus than it has been about respectful dialogue. In other words there is a tragic history between the Church and Jewish people that doesn’t reflect Jesus. We intend our content to be a model of one way someone can share the gospel with a Jewish person respectfully.


The New Testament faith is indivisibly rooted in the Old Testament story. Our content is designed to help believers learn to live within that story.

Fighting Antisemitism

We work to raise awareness about the reality of antisemitism and aim to build familiarity and understanding toward Jews.